Romantic Poetry

Which Romantic Poetry to use?

It is always best to write your own love poems if you can – the personal touch shows thought, consideration and care. But, if that’s beyond you, you could use something already written. Just the act of copying it out or memorising it shows you’re putting effort in. You could use the lyrics of a favourite or special song. Alternatively, here are a few examples to use.

What to do with romantic poetry once you’ve got it

So you have a poem – but what next?  Here are some ideas for you:-

  • Write it in a card.
  • If your handwriting is good, perhaps write a scroll. Alternatively, produce it on the computer. Either can be framed for a gift.
  • Design a graphic around it, perhaps with your photos on it, and get it printed onto a wall canvas at Home and Garden Gifts
  • Pay someone to recite it to your loved one over dinner in a restaurant.
  • Build a themed evening around the poem (a theatre trip with Shakespeare, a Scottish evening with Burns, etc).
  • Get it printed onto a T-shirt, mug or other gift, perhaps with a picture of you too.
  • Give a gift of a poetry book (take a look at some ideas below) that contains the poem, and write a special note beside the poem. If it’s your own poem, write it in the front of the book.
  • Just write it out and post it.
  • Make a recording of you reciting it