Romantic Gifts

Types of Romantic Gift

Buying a romantic present is not a bed of roses (although that might be quite original, provided you take the thorns out first!). Read on for some good advice on choosing the right gift.

Our latest news about romantic gifts:

Romantic gifts come in several flavours:-

  • the Personal
  • the Traditional
  • Specially Packaged Items
  • the Silly and
  • Things to Do.

And don’t forget a card to go with it, too.

While the Traditional and Commercial are the easiest to arrange, the Personal and Things to Do have much more effect, precisely because they take more effort to prepare. There are ideas for both of these below, and you’ll also find some links to UK online retailers – why not get them arranged now?

And just in case, have a look at things to avoid!

The Personal

To make the most impact you need to put thought in to what the recipient would really like. Did you see the episode of Friends where Chandler bought Joey’s girlfriend a first edition of her favourite childhood book? That’s the sort of thing I’m talking about. Other options include using pictures of you (plural) on personalised items, a photo album full of photos of you both (or a note promising to fill it with photos of a holiday that you’ll be going on, etc), a cuddly toy which reflects a pet name or favourite animal. Possibly the best are those that reflect a particular event which is significant for your relationship.

Think laterally about what you might send. For example, a red rose bush might be appreciated by a keen gardener (“thought I’d get you a dozen, then decided to get you an infinite supply”).

It’s best to think about what the recipient likes, then look for something appropriate. A useful online resource is , although it’s still being populated.

Voice RecorderPersonalised items offer a unique way to show you care.
Why not commission a poem, name a star or send a message in a bottle? All these gifts are available online from Out of the Hat.

The Traditional

Anyone can list these ideas, but remember that they mean so much more if you can pick your partner’s favourite variety, rather than the first that come to hand (do you know what their favourite is? How can you find out?).

Red Roses are a classicFlowers, especially roses, are probably the most traditional romantic present. Why not have a bouquet delivered out of the blue?

Chocolates!Chocolates, especially heart-shaped ones, will always go down well. It’s worth thinking about the packaging as well as the chocolates, though.

ChampagneChampagne is something you can share at home or in a romantic setting – how about a pair of glasses to go with it, and arranging to drink it together on a hilltop/lake/other romantic place? Or put a personalised label on it – try NextDayChampagne.
JewelleryJewellery is an alternative way of demonstrating appreciation for outward appearance. Certain types of jewellery are traditional for specific events (e.g. eternity ring), and different stones have different meanings, so pick one appropriate, then tell your partner what it means when you give it to them.

LingerieUnderwear – what need be said? Not a present to buy on the first date! Wait at least until you know their size, or you could get yourself in serious trouble… As for style, well, it may be a compromise between what they like and what you like, but the former will be better received, and you’d probably rather your partner felt more relaxed.

Specially Packaged Items

Especially around Valentine’s Day, but increasingly all year round, ‘packages’ of romantic and heart-shaped gifts are available. All sorts of things appear – chocolate hearts, teddies bearing romantic messages, selections of toiletries covered in hearts. They are usually attractively presented and can make good presents.

Try to avoid anything too naff, unless you want to stray into silly presents…

The Silly

Romance should have a sense of humour. It can be used to good effect, but try to laugh ‘with’ rather than ‘at’. A variety of lighthearted presents are available, especially around Valentine’s day, such as a cuddly heart in a can, a themed Garfield book, and similar amusing presents.

Things to Do

A balloon trip, a weekend away, theatre tickets, a romantic video, a love songs CD, even a bottle of champagne – all these gifts involve doing things together. Gifts involving you spending time together are in many ways the most romantic, and if you can, arrange to give the gift during a special time, such as a romantic dinner (click here for advice on the dinner). Click here for a number of ideas on romantic things to do together.


DON’T FORGET the Valentine’s Card for February 14th! Tradition says they’re not supposed to be signed – this is one time when internet shopping for cards can be a bonus – the likes of Klickacard will send cards direct for you, after you have personalised them and composed the message inside. And there’s no risk of recognising handwriting or postmark – very mysterious!

But don’t just assume that cards are a once-a-year thing. Receiving a card out of the blue at any time is romantic, so consider sending one for no obvious reason. Again, the internet card companies score here, because you can often specify a sending date – set a few up well in advance, then they’ll surprise you too, when you’re asked about them!

Writing in the card can often be difficult, but just be honest about your feelings. A love poem is traditional – either write your own, use your favourite song lyrics, or try a famous poet (go here for a few examples).

Things to Avoid

A final footnote on what not to give, summed up in two words – practical, predictable.

A new hoover may be just what’s needed, but there’s a time and a place for everything. The whole point about romance is that you should be spending time together and celebrating your relationship. Practical presents may be fine for birthdays and Christmas, but keep them away from Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and the like.

You may have read the suggestions above and thought “Heart-shaped chocolates, yup, I buy those every year, so I’m okay”. Wrong. Getting the same thing every year is romantic only if what you are getting is your partner’s very favourite (or it has become one of your little rituals that you both enjoy), and you get something original too.

So avoid the practical and predictable, put a bit of thought into what you should buy, and the presents you give will add to the romance in your life.