Card Games – Quality time together

Spending time together is fundamental to a strong relationship, but how often do we sit in our own little worlds, with our phone, tablet or computer, physically together but so far apart? It’s worth trying to find some sociable things that make you interact.

Card games are great way to engage with each other, have a bit of fun, and give a space for talking – there are a number of excellent, traditional games which are perfect for this, such as cribbage and bezique. Plus, a couple of packs of cards take up no space in luggage, and provide hours of entertainment at airports, hotels, or pretty much anywhere.

We have got hold of a (very!) limited number of card games sets, which we can despatch first-class when you order – just use the paypal links below

Music and Roses Playing Cards

B0002Y5W3ETop-quality playing cards from Austrian manufacturer Piatnik, these cards are decorated with roses and a musical score, and would make an excellent romantic gift, with a promise to spend time using them with your loved one.  Buy now for £10 including delivery.

Bezique Set

beziqueBezique is two-person card game in which you collect combinations of cards to score points.  This set contains two packs of top-quality playing cards (by Piatnik of Austria), rules, and a pair of excellent score markers.  One of our favourite two-person card games.

Buy now for £12 including delivery.

Cribbage Set

cribbagen1Cribbage is a two-person card game, in which the score is kept with pegs on a cribbage board. One of our staple card games, this set contains a wooden cribbage board with pegs, two packs of top-quality playing cards by Piatnik, and rules.

All this can be yours for £12 including delivery.