Card Games – Quality time together

Spending time together is fundamental to a strong relationship, but how often do we sit in our own little worlds, with our phone, tablet or computer, physically together but so far apart? It’s worth trying to find some sociable things that make you interact.

Card games are great way to engage with each other, have a bit of fun, and give a space for talking – there are a number of excellent, traditional games which are perfect for this, such as cribbage and bezique. Plus, a couple of packs of cards take up no space in luggage, and provide hours of entertainment at airports, hotels, or pretty much anywhere.

We have got hold of a (very!) limited number of card games sets, which we can despatch first-class when you order – just use the paypal links below

Music and Roses Playing Cards

B0002Y5W3ETop-quality playing cards from Austrian manufacturer Piatnik, these cards are decorated with roses and a musical score, and would make an excellent romantic gift, with a promise to spend time using them with your loved one.  Buy now for £10 including delivery.

Bezique Set

beziqueBezique is two-person card game in which you collect combinations of cards to score points.  This set contains two packs of top-quality playing cards (by Piatnik of Austria), rules, and a pair of excellent score markers.  One of our favourite two-person card games.

Buy now for £12 including delivery.

Cribbage Set

cribbagen1Cribbage is a two-person card game, in which the score is kept with pegs on a cribbage board. One of our staple card games, this set contains a wooden cribbage board with pegs, two packs of top-quality playing cards by Piatnik, and rules.

All this can be yours for £12 including delivery.

Say “I love you” with luxury

When you’re trying to say “I love you”, you can do a lot worse than offering a little luxury to your loved one, and the right toiletries can add a little luxury into anyone’s life. But how do you choose?  Well, the name on the bottle can go a long way to saying how much thought you’ve put in.  If it’s a supermarket branded product then it looks like you picked it up in passing with the toothpaste (unless, of course, you know it’s their favourite).  With a little more imagination, you can help create a feeling by selecting the right brand.


For example, Heathcote & Ivory are a quintessentially English company, dedicated to producing beautiful and luxurious toiletries that don’t cost a premium.  Just the name says ‘quality’ and ‘luxury’, and that’s before you even look at the products.  Take a look at these Mistletoe Kisses Bath Fizzers, and you’ll see what I mean. Why not treat your loved one to body lotion, shower gel (offer to lather…?), bubble bath or one of their luxury gift sets? 

Plus, when you spend over £10* on site by Valentine’s Day 2013, just add the code LIPS in your shopping basket, and you’ll receive a free Mistletoe Kisses Lip Gloss in a Keepsake Tin with your order.

*Excludes other offers and sale items

Valentine’s Day = Chocolates

Is it possible to have Valentine’s Day without chocolates? I don’t think so. So it’s just as well that our friends at the Chocolate Trading Company have made it easier for you. Use these discount codes before 18th Feb 2013 to get fantastic chocolates from the Chocolate Trading Company: enter LOVECHOC7 to save 7% on your order value, or VAL2013 to save £3 on an order of £30 or more.

Red Heart Champagne Truffle Gift Box Valentines Milk Chocolate Gift Box

Valentine’s Day 2013 – Great Price on Flowers

Flowers are, of course, the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day.  All the way up until Valentine’s Day 2013 you can get a 10% discount at Bunches on delivered flowers, and better still, they come with free UK delivery and free chocolates too!  Just enter discount code VDAY2013 at the checkout to get your 10% off.

As well as the traditional dozen red roses, there are plenty of other options to choose from – here are just a few ideas:

../A luxurious single red Rose encased in long lasting twisted lucky Bamboo with greenery and free chocolates. ../A gorgeous gift of six Upper Class Red Roses together with a keepsake heart pick in a red Sisal heart.

../12 luxury upper class red Roses with Belgian chocolates, mini 'I Love You' balloon and greetings card. ../An 18 inch 'I Love You' helium balloon with cute honey coloured teddy bear and a luxury single red rose.


Something different

If candlelit dinners, films, theatres and weekends away aren’t original enough, here are some other ideas:

  • walk along the beach – even in winter this can be romantic, especially on a west coast when the sun is setting.
  • boat trip – on a river, canal or the sea, either hire a boat for an hour or take a guided trip somewhere.
  • the London Eye – fantastic views over London, and nothing to do but admire them for half an hour or so. If you met in London, can you see the place?
  • breakfast picnic – why not get up early and go and watch the sun rise?
  • fair or theme park – remember the waltzer? The Tunnel of Love? Go on, have a go!
  • wildlife park or zoo – make sure they have your partner’s favourite animal there.
  • museum or art gallery – have a gentle stroll around, just enjoying each other’s company in the quiet atmosphere, then share a pudding in the shop.
  • go racing (horse or dogs!) – you have the full range to choose from,, dog track on a Thursday to Royal Ascot!

The most important thing is that you spend quality time together, having fun!

Paris – city of Romance

When you think of a romantic short break, surely Paris is the first European city to come to mind. Whether you’re trying to recreate the lyrics of Abba’s ‘Our Last Summer’ (or any number of other romantic songs!), or just want to spend time with your loved one exploring the cafes, bridges, churches and monuments of this fantastic city, a trip to a European city will be well received by the other half.
Thinking about it, it might be worth taking note of those lyrics to give you some ideas for things to do!
If you fancy somewhere other than Paris, take a look at all the different cities covered by the first two links on the right – Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Nice and many more, but note that these first two don’t include your flights (the Paris deals include Eurostar).

Champagne balloon flight

A champagne balloon flight is a marvellous experience (though not for those with a fear of heights!). The winter is in many ways the best time for this, as you can fly during the day, whereas in summer flights are either very early in the morning or late in the evening. Offset that against the temperature (but of course you won’t feel much wind, as you’re moving with it). And to end with champagne, well…  Picture the scene – the two of you, floating serenely above a beautiful landscape, with nothing to do but admire the view and talk to each other…

(Usually, you’ll be sharing the basket with other people doing the same, but as you can see from the links on the right, you can hire the balloon for just the two of you!)

So well I love thee

From a less well-known contemporary of Shakespeare, Michael Drayton:

So well I love thee as without thee I
Love nothing; if I might choose, I’d rather die
Than be one day debarred your company.

Since beasts and plants do grow and live and move,
Beasts are those men that such a life approve:
He only lives that deadly is in love.

The corn, that in the ground is sown, first dies,
And of one seed do many ears arise;
Love, this world’s corn, by dying multiplies.

The seeds of love first by thy eyes were thrown
Into a ground untilled, a heart unknown
To bear such fruit, till by thy hands ’twas sown.

Look as your looking-glass by chance may fall,
Divide, and break in many pieces small,
And yet shows forth the self-same face in all,

Proportions, features, graces, just the same,
And in the smallest piece as well the name
Of fairest one deserves as in the richest frame;

So all my thoughts are pieces but of you,
Which put together make a glass so true
As I therein no other’s face but yours can view.